With Parawell, a comprehensive digital health platform, Health in Motion Network is redefining pharmacy care, empowering pharmacists, payers, and patients with the right information at the right time for the right care.

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Parawell empowers and elevates pharmacists through information access and communication. Pharmacy practices grow while patients thrive. Parawell creates the clinical circumstances that foster: 

  • Industry-changing improvements in pharmacist access to patient information. 

  • Streamlined coordination within patients’ care teams around disease state management. 

  • Optimized patient health outcomes for short- and long-term objectives. 

  • Increased clinical revenue streams for the pharmacy practice. 



As payers seek innovative healthcare approaches to manage members, Parawell equips pharmacists with patient-focused, prevention-first care strategies that ultimately lead to better outcomes and lower spending. Outcomes include:

  • Close data gaps with access to comprehensive patient records. 

  • Achieve quality measures through data-rich clinical services. 

  • Promote interoperability and care team collaboration that drives value.

  • Deliver and document connected data to health outcomes. 

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In a healthcare experience, patients desire convenience, communication, and cost-effectiveness. From those, they expect results. Parawell elevates the patient’s healthcare experience through: 

  • Personalized care delivered by pharmacists.  

  • The ability to communicate with their pharmacist more directly and efficiently. 

  • Confidence that their care is based in accurate information in the hands of health professionals who know them. 

  • Coordinated care that leads to controlled costs.