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Health in Motion Network and Hayat Pharmacy Announce Strategic Partnership

The Collaboration Redefines Pharmacy Practice and Care Management Innovation

For Immediate Release.—Health in Motion Network (HIMN) and Hayat Pharmacy have entered into a strategic affiliation to deliver elevated, patient care services through a community pharmacy setting. Hayat Pharmacy, an award-winning pharmacy group of 19 pharmacies based in Milwaukee, WI, will support patients using HIMN’s proprietary platform. The comprehensive platform provides pharmacists and patients centralized access to personalized health information, including medical records, lab results, and health devices, and an easy and secure way to communicate. Patients benefit from a better care experience, enhanced through personalized engagement.

HIMN and Hayat share missions to evolve healthcare delivery by positioning pharmacists as healthcare providers, pairing their clinical expertise with patients and providing an empowered experience via personalized health data and care and in-person and digital engagement.

Cathy Kuhn, HIMN’s Chief Pharmacy Officer, comments, “Our partnership with Hayat represents everything about where healthcare is and should be going. It combines best-in-industry pharmacy care with advanced, easy-to-use technology. The results are improved clinical outcomes and pharmacist and patient experiences.”

Speaking for Hayat, founder, CEO and clinical pharmacist Hashim Zaibak, notes, “We have always been focused on delivering an exceptional care experience for patients, with services that far exceed medication dispensing and counseling. Through HIMN’s comprehensive platform, we can even more effectively reach patients, improve our efficacy and efficiency as a practice, and demonstrate the viability of this model throughout the healthcare system.” Hayat is respected in the industry, twice recognized as the Health Mart Pharmacy of the year, the only repeat winner in the award’s history. Zaibak is currently a vice president of the National Community Pharmacists Association.

This collaboration is consistent with HIMN’s ongoing national Navigators roll-out, through which leading pharmacies offer digitally enriched services. Patients benefit from targeted management of their chronic illness or condition, as well as day-to-day engagement around medication adherence, vaccine uptake, and relevant wellness and lifestyle modifications. HIMN’s platform is differentiated among digital health technologies by its centralized approach to personalized health data, including medical records, lab results, and health devices for pharmacist care delivery. HIMN is collecting preliminary data from participating Navigators, later to be publicly distributed.

Says Ray Shealy, HIMN President and Chief Innovation Officer, “Collaborations like these are game-changers for community-focused, personalized healthcare. This is truly at the point of care, leveraging the most highly skilled and underutilized group of providers, pharmacists. The nexus point for this innovation is a focused digital health solution for patient connectivity.”

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