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Health in Motion Network and ScriptDrop Amplify Pharmacists’ Reach to Patients

Health in Motion Network and ScriptDrop Inc. announce a partnership to closely integrate their technologies, which will enable pharmacists to deliver medications and clinical services efficiently. By drawing on both companies’ deep experience in pharmacy innovation, Health in Motion Network and ScriptDrop will help pharmacists magnify the impact of their complementary pharmaceutical and clinical expertise, thereby significantly expanding access to communities across the country.

Health in Motion Network’s software, Parawell, connects pharmacists to patients through comprehensive health information including medical records, lab results, and data from personal wearable and health monitoring devices. ScriptDrop’s unique prescription delivery platform personalizes and streamlines medication dispensing and access, bringing medications to patients’ doorsteps through a nationwide courier network. By working together, these two technologies will produce improved patient communication, engagement and outcomes along with cost-savings and workflow efficiencies that will dramatically increase access to pharmacy services for all communities.

Ray Shealy, Health in Motion Network’s CEO, observes, “The missing puzzle piece in healthcare innovation has long been a system that facilitates true continuity and access to care. Health in Motion Network and ScriptDrop together create that continuum through a seamless, end-to-end patient-pharmacist experience. From consultations to medication review and refills, pharmacists and patients have the information, access and the infrastructure they need. The end-to-end integration will include a comprehensive dataset allowing for more intelligent care and delivery.”

“ScriptDrop’s robust, nationwide network effectively improves medication adherence through medication access,” says CEO Amanda Epp. “With Health in Motion Network's patient insights, pharmacists will be able to choose ScriptDrop home delivery based on an individual patient's needs. This access to better information will support better service.”

Health in Motion Network and ScriptDrop, both Columbus, OH-based health information technology companies, have individually contributed to the ongoing evolution in pharmacy-driven healthcare delivery. This partnership not only speaks to current trends – empowering patients, elevating pharmacists as healthcare providers, and combining digital solutions with at-home and in-person care – but also expands Parawell’s and ScriptDrop’s respective networks and capabilities to exponential effect.

About Health in Motion Network

Health in Motion Network (HIMN) is a digital healthcare technology company redefining the pharmacy care model with a national network of connected pharmacists and partners. HIMN’s Parawell software platform provides pharmacists with comprehensive, connected data sources including medical records, lab reports, remote monitoring devices and/or wearables, and prescription information. Equipping pharmacists to be more informed about patients' health enhances clinical service delivery, improves patient engagement, and streamlines practice workflows. HIMN demonstrates how pharmacists, who are the most accessible healthcare providers, can apply their expertise in medication and disease state management to lift outcomes while lowering costs.

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