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Health in Motion Network Navigators Support National Deployment of Digital Health Platform

Strategic Alignment Empowers Patients Through Personalized, Provider-Supported Care

Health in Motion Network (HIMN) continues its collaborative approach to evolution in healthcare, introducing HIMN Navigators, community pharmacies who are recognized as industry leaders, designated as key affiliates in nationwide roll-out of the HIMN digital health engagement platform.

HIMN Navigators were identified for their innovative approach to pharmacy practice, and demonstrated commitment to optimized and enhanced patient care strategies. Encompassing a range of geographic locations and practice specializations, Navigators are tasked with empowering patients to utilize the HIMN digital platform. Objectives include enriched patient engagement and satisfaction alongside better clinical outcomes through coordinated, connected, data-driven care management.

Brian Slusser, HIMN co-founder and CEO, comments, "We are big believers in the power of partnership, and incorporation of the Navigators into our national roll-out strategy amplifies our capacity to reach the consumer, for exponential benefit to all involved."

Adds Emlah Tubuo, the owner of and pharmacist at Powell Pharmacy, "When HIMN approached us about becoming a Navigator, we immediately responded to the opportunity to offer more comprehensive and centralized services to our patients. We are confident the HIMN platform will meet both our practice needs and our patients' interests."

Central to HIMN's and the Navigators' goals is improved long-term wellness for consumers, achievable via personalized care with real-time metrics integrated with patients' devices, and coordination among care teams. Stewart Levy, an advisor to HIMN who is respected nationally for his expertise in pharmacy-based wellness solutions, states, "Community pharmacists are valuable participants in consumers' healthcare experiences. Our intention, and expectation, is that by enabling more efficient and synchronous access to real-time health data, with the benefit of built-in, secure messaging and telehealth capabilities, we'll see improvements in a variety of clinical indicators."

Introduction of the Navigators coincides with HIMN's ongoing distribution of its two-tier platform, serving as a secure digital communications hub with embedded telehealth, scheduling, and messaging capabilities, as well as its Advanced Care Module with customizable functionality. With existing and evolving partnerships within pharmacy and throughout the healthcare marketplace, HIMN is poised for expansive growth.

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