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Ray Shealy and Cathy Kuhn Assume New Leadership Roles at HIMN

As Health in Motion Network (HIMN) implements its nationwide expansion, we are proud to announce that Ray Shealy has stepped into the role of Chief Executive Officer, and Cathy Kuhn has been elevated to President and Chief Pharmacy Officer. Co-founder Brian Slusser transitions to Executive Chairman of the board, and will retain a dynamic role in the company’s oversight. These strategic leadership announcements come at a time when HIMN is poised to release new information about its signature technology platform, which is already in use by leading pharmacy organizations, and continues to attract broad market interest.

Shealy and Kuhn each joined HIMN in mid-2021, and immediately added their perspectives and expert abilities to accelerate operations. Shealy is an experienced health technology executive, and Kuhn a respected pharmacist and clinical leader. With their guidance, HIMN has made strategic advancements in its technology development and partnerships.

HIMN anticipates additional statements pending related to the company’s software platform, uniting patients and pharmacists through robust, integrated, personalized data. Effectively capitalizing on data aggregation, patient engagement, and care team communication contribute to improved continuity of care, reduced costs, and better clinical outcomes.

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